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Michelin ANAKEE 3

Michelin Anakee 3
Michelin Tyres

Anakee 3

Excellent handling and optimal performance whether riding solo or with a pillion, thanks to a more rigid tyre casing and innovative tread. The new reference in terms of longevity in the trail segm ...
Prices from £142.14 View Michelin Anakee 3 Tyres


Michelin Anakee Adventure
Michelin Tyres

Anakee Adventure

French tyre company Michelin has made a new Anakee Adventure tyre specifically for those riders who don’t like as much adventure as they do touring. The new Michelin Anakee Adventure will be unvei ...
Prices from £163.74 View Michelin Anakee Adventure Tyres


Michelin Anakee Street
Michelin Tyres

Anakee Street

Good cornering performance Excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces Excellent stability and handling thanks to the imposing tread blocks. The blocks feature indentations, helping to make  t ...
Prices from £119.84 View Michelin Anakee Street Tyres


Michelin Anakee Wild
Michelin Tyres

Anakee Wild

Stability and comfort Stability and comfort on the road thanks to radial technology available for the first time across a knobbly tyre range. Handling On/Off traction, handling, and pre ...
Prices from £152.94 View Michelin Anakee Wild Tyres

Michelin BOPPER

Michelin Bopper
Michelin Tyres


The advanced design of the Michelin® Bopper® tyre helps deliver outstanding performance. With impressive grip even at full lean, the Bopper® tyre inspires confidence thanks to its excellent feedback ...
Prices from £88.14 View Michelin Bopper Tyres


Michelin City Extra
Michelin Tyres

City Extra

Tyre life improved by 10 percent* Wet grip improved by 24 percent** Increased scooter market coverage Michelin has launched its new MICHELIN City Extra; a new tyre for the global commu ...
Prices from £77.86 View Michelin City Extra Tyres

Michelin CITY GRIP

Michelin City Grip
Michelin Tyres

City Grip

MICHELIN Progressive Sipe Technology (PST) helps prevent sliding on wet roads and on hazards such as manhole covers.  An extensive range that covers the majority of the market's 125cc and bigger e ...
Prices from £93.53 View Michelin City Grip Tyres

Michelin CITY GRIP 2

Michelin City Grip 2
Michelin Tyres

City Grip 2

  Silica-based compounds provides a very high level of grip on wet or slippery surfaces, including white stripes.
Prices from £90.24 View Michelin City Grip 2 Tyres

Michelin CITY PRO

Michelin City Pro
Michelin Tyres

City Pro

Designed for daily use, the MICHELIN City Pro offers a long life thanks to its robust nature, its puncture resistance and longevity. It grips the road, even on slippery surfaces, with safety paramou ...
Prices from £80.94 View Michelin City Pro Tyres


Michelin Commander III Cruiser
Michelin Tyres

Commander III Cruiser

Exceptional wet grip for Cruiser bikes and Longevity The MICHELIN Commander III  tyre is designed to go the distance with enhanced wet grip and longevity that exceeds its predecessor thanks t ...
Prices from £168.54 View Michelin Commander III Cruiser Tyres


Michelin Commander III Touring
Michelin Tyres

Commander III Touring

Excellent mileage for Touring bikes The MICHELIN® Commander® III Touring tire is designed to go the distance for Baggers with enhanced wet grip and longevity that exceeds its predecessor thanks to ...
Prices from £194.94 View Michelin Commander III Touring Tyres


Michelin Enduro Medium
Michelin Tyres

Enduro Medium

Grip More grip and better cushioning ensures an improved ability to tackle terrain (especially at low speed) – this is thanks to the work done on both the tread block pattern and location, as w ...
Prices from £124.90 View Michelin Enduro Medium Tyres


Michelin Enduro Xtrem
Michelin Tyres

Enduro Xtrem

An exclusive rubber compound  that provides exceptional grip for outstanding climbing and braking  traction! Great versatility thanks to the innovative Enduro Medium tire tread design.  
Prices from £172.14 View Michelin Enduro Xtrem Tyres


Michelin Pilot Power 2CT
Michelin Tyres

Pilot Power 2CT

MICHELIN's 2CT Dual-Compound Technology enables riders to lean at angles of up to 51.2°, an unprecedented figure for a road tyre. A versatile, durable tyre with exceptional wet and dry grip. Com ...
Prices from £138.72 View Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Tyres

Michelin PILOT POWER 3

Michelin Pilot Power 3
Michelin Tyres

Pilot Power 3

Exceptional grip and handling thanks to a new profile and compound designed for sports bikes and roadsters.    Maximum grip on wet roads with the best braking in its category Lasts 20% longer ...
Prices from £182.41 View Michelin Pilot Power 3 Tyres


Michelin Pilot Road
Michelin Tyres

Pilot Road

MICHELIN Pilot Road provides excellent value, combining superb performance with durability.  A superb budget choice for touring bikes and roadsters
Prices from £196.14 View Michelin Pilot Road Tyres

Michelin PILOT ROAD 2

Michelin Pilot Road 2
Michelin Tyres

Pilot Road 2

Excellent longevity, grip and handling thanks to:  A softer rubber compound on the tyre shoulders for superb grip while cornering A harder rubber compound in the centre of the tyre to maxim ...
Prices from £144.54 View Michelin Pilot Road 2 Tyres

Michelin PILOT ROAD 3

Michelin Pilot Road 3
Michelin Tyres

Pilot Road 3

Excellent grip in the wet thanks to the revolutionary new MICHELIN Sipe Technology (XST)  Excellent longevity due to MICHELIN latest-generation 2CT dual-compound technology  All of this plus eve ...
Prices from £148.34 View Michelin Pilot Road 3 Tyres

Michelin PILOT ROAD 4

Michelin Pilot Road 4
Michelin Tyres

Pilot Road 4

Yet another sport touring radial tyre breakthrough from Michelin: With MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tyres on your motorcycle, you can ride with more confidence, whatever the conditions - rain or shine... ...
Prices from £142.14 View Michelin Pilot Road 4 Tyres


Michelin Pilot Street
Michelin Tyres

Pilot Street

Michelin Pilot Street fits smaller motorcycles and is ideal for daily, urban and semi-urban use. It offers safety, durability and is fun to ride.  Compatible Motorcycles APRILIA AF1 125 1989 ...
Prices from £81.78 View Michelin Pilot Street Tyres


Michelin Pilot Street Radial
Michelin Tyres

Pilot Street Radial

At last, there is a radial structure for 250 cc’s and over which combines good overall performance with optimal handleability over time². It comes out top of its category¹ for grip in the wet ensuri ...
Prices from £100.14 View Michelin Pilot Street Radial Tyres


Michelin Pilot Super Sport
Michelin Tyres

Pilot Super Sport

Excellent grip thanks to new competition rubber compounds and up to 52% larger contact patch by reducing the pressure for track use. Excellent longevity means you can have fun without blowing your ...
Prices from £247.74 View Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tyres

Michelin POWER 5

Michelin Power 5
Michelin Tyres

Power 5

A symmetrical sculpture, MICHELIN visual signature from Hyper Sport segment. Grain d’orge and a “golf ball” texture on the shoulders to limit slick areas and keep the performance of the tyre on we ...
Prices from £172.14 View Michelin Power 5 Tyres

Michelin POWER GP

Michelin Power GP
Michelin Tyres

Power GP

• A tread sculpture and a low void ratio built for usage on both road and track. • Optimum mix compound distribution for maximum fun on the road and track slick zones and compound adapted to track ...
Prices from £175.74 View Michelin Power GP Tyres


Michelin Power Pure SC
Michelin Tyres

Power Pure SC

Harder rubber in the centre to better withstand hard acceleration and braking, and softer on the edges to maximise lean angles  Increased mileage thanks to a harder tread compound in the centre of ...
Prices from £81.97 View Michelin Power Pure SC Tyres

Michelin ROAD 5

Michelin Road 5
Michelin Tyres

Road 5

Excellent on wet roads With Dual Compound Technology (2CT), Dual Compound Technology + (2CT+) and its 3D progressive siped tread, the MICHELIN Road 5 tyre provides excellent wet grip. Maximum saf ...
Prices from £153.25 View Michelin Road 5 Tyres

Michelin ROAD 6

Michelin Road 6
Michelin Tyres

Road 6

More wet grip +15% more grip than MICHELIN Road 5* in wet conditions thanks to 100% Silica Technology and a brand new tread pattern.   Ride for longer The new high tech compound increas ...
Prices from £173.46 View Michelin Road 6 Tyres


Michelin Road Classic
Michelin Tyres

Road Classic

Prices from £124.78 View Michelin Road Classic Tyres

Michelin S1

Michelin S1
Michelin Tyres


Combines performance with great looks  Outstanding performance versus price ratio  Compatible Motorcycles HYOSUNG Super cab PLUS KYMCO Sniper 50 DD 1996 2009 PIAGGIO T5 1984 1996 ...
Prices from £76.55 View Michelin S1 Tyres

Michelin S83

Michelin S83
Michelin Tyres


Retro looks combined with modern performance, including particularly outstanding grip on wet roads.  Factory equipment on the most retro of all Vespa scooters, the PX125 and PX 150  Ideal for cl ...
Prices from £72.97 View Michelin S83 Tyres

Michelin SCORCHER 11

Michelin Scorcher 11
Michelin Tyres

Scorcher 11

Radial carcass for a sporty feel Inspired by our hypersport tires with high-quality materials, such as aramid fiber used in the aviation industry, the MICHELIN Scorcher 11 provides resistance and ...
Prices from £246.54 View Michelin Scorcher 11 Tyres

Michelin SCORCHER 21

Michelin Scorcher 21
Michelin Tyres

Scorcher 21

Traditional Cruiser Design for a new kind of motorcycle Conceived exclusively for Harley-Davidson® Street Rod™  MICHELIN Scorcher 21 features an exclusive Harley-Davidson® co-branded design f ...
Prices from £241.74 View Michelin Scorcher 21 Tyres

Michelin SCORCHER 31

Michelin Scorcher 31
Michelin Tyres

Scorcher 31

Maximum grip even in rainy weather Thanks to their unique combination of compounds, MICHELIN Scorcher 31 tyres provide remarkable grip. Ride in total safety even in the rain.   St ...
Prices from £177.35 View Michelin Scorcher 31 Tyres

Michelin SIRAC

Michelin Sirac
Michelin Tyres


Excellent on and off-road performance  Excellent value  Compatible Motorcycles YAMAHA DT 125 LC 1982 1992 YAMAHA DT 125 R 1989 2006 HONDA CRM 250 R 1993 1994  
Prices from £143.50 View Michelin Sirac Tyres


Michelin StarCross 5 Medium
Michelin Tyres

StarCross 5 Medium

Experienced motocross rider or occasional rider riding motocross for fun, MICHELIN StarCross 5 is the high performance motocross tire designed to allow you to face any terrain.
Prices from £104.94 View Michelin StarCross 5 Medium Tyres


Michelin Starcross 5 Mini
Michelin Tyres

Starcross 5 Mini

Prices from £84.02 View Michelin Starcross 5 Mini Tyres


Michelin StarCross 5 Sand
Michelin Tyres

StarCross 5 Sand

Features: The sand specialist Working for three years, Michelin brought to bear the knowledge of its engineers and riders to create these tyres. They carried out demanding testing on difficul ...
Prices from £111.32 View Michelin StarCross 5 Sand Tyres


Michelin StarCross 5 Soft
Michelin Tyres

StarCross 5 Soft

A premium motorbike tyre by Michelin.
Prices from £92.15 View Michelin StarCross 5 Soft Tyres


Michelin Starcross 6 Medium Hard
Michelin Tyres

Starcross 6 Medium Hard

Improved Traction Long lasting grip Born for podium results   Improved Traction (1) Adaptive design provides grip and control on intermediate terrain Long lasting ...
Prices from £103.70 View Michelin Starcross 6 Medium Hard Tyres


Michelin Starcross MS3 Junior
Michelin Tyres

Starcross MS3 Junior

The best choice for Juniors   These uniquely high-performance tyres are the result of many years of hard work. MICHELIN Starcross MS3 Junior tyres feature the same qualities as their older broth ...
Prices from £67.01 View Michelin Starcross MS3 Junior Tyres

Michelin TRACKER

Michelin Tracker
Michelin Tyres


Why is this the right tyre for me?   Accelerate, jump, drift... Have fun without breaking the bank!   More freedom, Michelin Tracker is road approved!   Mud, earth, sand, grav ...
Prices from £101.83 View Michelin Tracker Tyres


Michelin Trial Light
Michelin Tyres

Trial Light

Why choose MICHELIN Trial tyres? Designed to make lateral movement easier Thanks to their lightweight design, MICHELIN Trial Light Competition1 tyres make it easier for you to get on your way. Y ...
Prices from £174.54 View Michelin Trial Light Tyres

Michelin AC10

Michelin AC10
Michelin Tyres


Lasting performance and outstanding value for money  Homologated for road use, but is not designed for prolonged use in a single journey.
View Michelin AC10 Tyres


Michelin BIB Mousse
Michelin Tyres

BIB Mousse

A premium motorbike tyre by Michelin.
View Michelin BIB Mousse Tyres


Michelin City Grip Winter
Michelin Tyres

City Grip Winter

With the new Michelin City Grip Winter greater peace of mind is provided in all types of cold weather. It provides improved grip in snow, wet and dry ¹ and effective braking. Its high speed, stabili ...
View Michelin City Grip Winter Tyres


Michelin Commander II
Michelin Tyres

Commander II

The all new MICHELIN Commander II can travel more than 25,000 miles before being replaced!¹  No compromises in handling or stability  All with an innovative, groundbreaking new look  Compatibl ...
View Michelin Commander II Tyres

Michelin M12 XC

Michelin M12 XC
Michelin Tyres

M12 XC

25 percent extra tyre life over the MICHELIN M12 thanks to its new high-resistance compound.  Superior traction thanks to its Maximized Contact Patch casing  Its strength and long wear make it t ...
View Michelin M12 XC Tyres

Michelin M45

Michelin M45
Michelin Tyres


The ideal trade-off between tyre life and price for small-engined bikes that are both used in streets and unpaved roads.  Good stability on roads and good traction on unpaved roads Reinforced ca ...
View Michelin M45 Tyres


Michelin Pilot Activ
Michelin Tyres

Pilot Activ

For bikes like the Suzuki GS500, Kawasaki ER-5, Honda CB500, Yamaha Diversion and Jap/Euro classics. Upgraded performance and longer tyre life. A wide range of sizes. Excellent in all-weather ...
View Michelin Pilot Activ Tyres


Michelin Pilot Power
Michelin Tyres

Pilot Power

From the moment it was launched, MICHELIN Pilot Power's performance credentials and technologies derived from the world of racing revolutionised the Sport tyre market  MICHELIN Pilot Power's price ...
View Michelin Pilot Power Tyres


Michelin Pilot Sporty
Michelin Tyres

Pilot Sporty

Sporty performance and great grip, thanks to a semi-slick tread pattern derived from high performance MICHELIN motorcycle tyres  Suitable for big wheeled scooter owners with sportier riding styles ...
View Michelin Pilot Sporty Tyres

Michelin POWER CUP

Michelin Power Cup
Michelin Tyres

Power Cup

Designed to offer incredible grip, both while accelerating and in corners, MICHELIN Power Cup allows for even faster lap times than our previous competition tyre, MICHELIN Power One.  The front ty ...
View Michelin Power Cup Tyres

Michelin POWER CUP 2

Michelin POWER ONE

Michelin Power One
Michelin Tyres

Power One

Grip and longevity thanks to the dual compound 2CT technology A mix of rubber which allows use on a dry and humid surface and for a rapid rise in temperature  
View Michelin Power One Tyres

Michelin POWER RS

Michelin Power RS
Michelin Tyres

Power RS

Unleash your full potential with the MICHELIN Power RS tyre   Peerless grip, manoeuvrability, stability and handling performance.   Unveiled at the "MICHELIN Australian Motorcycle Grand ...
View Michelin Power RS Tyres


Michelin Power Super Sport Evo
Michelin Tyres

Power Super Sport Evo

More manoeuvrable Enhanced front tyre agility for greater confidence, plus a rear tyre that benefits from the new MICHELIN ACT technology developed for MICHELIN Power Cup Evo and MICHELIN Power ...
View Michelin Power Super Sport Evo Tyres


Michelin Power SuperMoto Rain
Michelin Tyres

Power SuperMoto Rain

Features:   Handling and feedback A 16 inch Michelin tyre, popular with riders for its handling, grip and precise feedback from the front. Grip and durability Developed with compoun ...
View Michelin Power SuperMoto Rain Tyres

Michelin REGGAE

Michelin Reggae
Michelin Tyres


Trendy looks for scooter owners on the go  A chunky tread pattern, ideal for on/off-road surfaces  Compatible Motorcycles PIAGGIO 80 Typhoon 1994 1996 M B K Booster (All) 1990 2005 ...
View Michelin Reggae Tyres

Michelin ROAD 5 GT

Michelin Road 5 GT
Michelin Tyres

Road 5 GT

Excellent on wet roads With Dual Compound Technology (2CT), Dual Compound Technology + (2CT+) and its 3D progressive siped tread, the MICHELIN Road 5 tyre provides excellent wet grip.   Max ...
View Michelin Road 5 GT Tyres

Michelin ROAD 5 TRAIL

Michelin Road 5 Trail
Michelin Tyres

Road 5 Trail

Excellent on wet roads With MICHELIN Dual Compound Technology (2CT) and Dual Compound Technology + (2CT+) and its 3D progressive siped tread, the MICHELIN Road 5 Trail tyre provides excellent wet ...
View Michelin Road 5 Trail Tyres

Michelin S12 XC

Michelin S12 XC
Michelin Tyres

S12 XC

THE muddy/grassy terrain tyre choice for Michelin’s 2012 MX1 and MX2 sponsored riders. 25% extra tyre life* over the MICHELIN S12 thanks to its new high-resistance compound. Superior traction an ...
View Michelin S12 XC Tyres

Michelin SCORCHER 32

Michelin Scorcher 32
Michelin Tyres

Scorcher 32

Maximum grip whatever the circumstances Our engineers have created a high-performance tyre for a legendary brand. Using a combination of several compounds, MICHELIN Scorcher 32 tyres offer perfect ...
View Michelin Scorcher 32 Tyres


Michelin StarCross 5 Hard
Michelin Tyres

StarCross 5 Hard

A premium motorbike tyre by Michelin.
View Michelin StarCross 5 Hard Tyres


Michelin Starcross MH3
Michelin Tyres

Starcross MH3

Winner of the MX3 World Championship with Julien Bill in 2011  Winner of Worldwide Championship 85cc with Brian Hsu and MX2 European Championship MX2 with Mel Pocok in 2012  THE hard terrain tyr ...
View Michelin Starcross MH3 Tyres


Michelin Starcross MH3 Junior
Michelin Tyres

Starcross MH3 Junior

MICHELIN Starcross MH3 Junior tyres share the same world-class racing technology that gives world champions a competitive edge.  With a full range of sizes, Junior racers have more choices than ev ...
View Michelin Starcross MH3 Junior Tyres


Michelin Starcross MS3
Michelin Tyres

Starcross MS3

Developed for intermediate to soft tracks, Starcross MS3 tires helped win five MX2 World Championships. Starcross MS3 tires deliver the best traction of all Michelin® motocross tires on loose dirt, ...
View Michelin Starcross MS3 Tyres


Michelin Supermoto
Michelin Tyres


• Rubber mixtures developed for perfect balance between grip and wear   • A complete size offering in 17» and 16.5» (R 420) for front tires
View Michelin Supermoto Tyres


Michelin Trial Competition / X11
Michelin Tyres

Trial Competition / X11

Combines flexibility, grip and strength  A great value tyre for pros and amateurs alike  Homologated for road use, but is not designed for prolonged use in a single journey
View Michelin Trial Competition / X11 Tyres

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